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A very precise and useful post about the application of the link building techniques. What it needs to talk more about its application for newbies and how to use it at first instance in blogging tool like WordPress.

The  WordPress Trackback Tutorial blog is about how to  send and receive trackback to effectively use the link-building Techniques.

Further what came in my mind is that whether the Recommended links shown on WordPress down the editor to apply are also used as trackback links. Recently has partnered with the folks at Zemanta to make blogging easier and faster by letting you quickly add recommended links, photos, tags, and articles.

However after some research with limited resources and no direct answers about SEO optimization rules, I came to conclusion that Out links don’t contribute on pings and your should better use it appropriate to the CONTENT of the post. Otherwise, search engines will dump you in a hole and you’ll never get out of it.

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