Understanding MVC model in Cakephp Context


I have worked with Cakephp framework but frankly speaking still wonder when and how to follow the MVC rules./ Specially “Fat Models and Skinny Controllers” as i am in continuous concern that will not the recon cause the Model to get fat than i will be chop off from the Model.

I came across a great article Another way to think about MVC | nuts and bolts of cakephp  Continue reading



Hi Friends, This Page is for those who are looking for latest trendy gadgets, and flooded options available make us stumbled about what to go for. People concerned about the regular changing trends , and constant up-gradation of Hardware and platforms , making the old … Continue reading

Intelligent Women


Welcome to the world of women, where we men are Judged but not allowed to give opinions.Where we are told to be follow equality, but never treated the same. I wonder , though how unfair it may seem but we men accept that gleefully(like we accept our boss). … Continue reading

Trackback & Pingback


A very precise and useful post about the application of the link building techniques. What it needs to talk more about its application for newbies and how to use it at first instance in blogging tool like WordPress. The  WordPress Trackback Tutorial blog is about how … Continue reading

Job Interview–Quick Guide


  In today’s competitive business world,be thoroughly prepared before facing a job interview. “How would you describe yourself in a job interview?” Before you exclaim any answer to this question, you should think about it from the recruiter’s perspective. Keep in … Continue reading

We are not totalitarian regime like China:Google India- Threat or Appeal


Google India, which along with 20 websites is facing criminal case for allegedly hosting objectionable materials. Delhi high court Justice Suresh Kait  had warned Google India and social networking site Facebook India that websites can be “blocked” like in China if they … Continue reading

Political Corruption-All for a ‘Cause’


An article Reminded me of the famous controversy of Soon and Baliunas  Climate Research. The article Talked about how Wikipedia sometimes misinform not only due to simple ignorance and lack of knowledge of the general users who edit pages,but even … Continue reading