Death of Anticipation

The Article interestingly talks about the aspirations of ‘Generation Y‘, which has gone beyond reality. As they wore thought to be provided with proper upbringing with proper caring and psychological support, it turned out to be  a weakness that are far
from the harsh realities of life.

They are told that they are special and cherished as best just for mere participation, and when they have to compete in the real world , they back off, or never tend to put their best. Why are they not told to put in their best from the beginning, and taught to take defeat positively as a learning and to move forward.

Further it talks about how the kids today have never experienced the charm of ‘anticipation and ‘surprise’ as they get every thing well in advance , or just by mere asking. May it be toys, trips games or anything other. They have never waited for their favorite TV program to be broadcast , as they have Netflix and satellite TV’s to schedule the broadcast at their own suitable timings.They are never said ‘No’  for anything and thus lose the charm of it and start craving about something other,even before they get that.

in case i'm gone

The Christmas season is over and as I reflect back I see that for all it’s rushing and busyness, there is something to be said for a time of year that forces us to wait for something. Christmas Day is the one day of the year that still has the build of anticipation. That giddy feeling that something you really want is coming. That the promise of what’s ahead is so exciting you can barely sleep. It’s a special feeling, and one we are sorely lacking in today’s highly technological and immediate world.

Years ago I read an article in Cookie Magazine about the Death of Anticipation and it stuck with me. Our modern world leaves less and less room for expectation and excitement and in many ways I think that’s a shame. I’ll take you through the top points heralded in Cookie to better illustrate what I mean:


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