Intelligent Women

Welcome to the world of women, where we men are Judged but not allowed to give opinions.Where we are told to be follow equality, but never treated the same.

I wonder , though how unfair it may seem but we men accept that gleefully(like we accept our boss). Is this just because we know them that they are emotively inclined , or we just want to avoid something.

And they keep on ruling men(apparently true) since history goes ,and that’s how it is.And still it makes me wonder that all this is because of their charm or Intelligence.

Well i myself have joined in laughs discussing how stupid a women act sometimes, but deep within I know its just a camouflage(of-course not always,but its not at all gender specific).

Interestingly is got through a schedule of a famous Science online Conference for Scienceonline“Writing about science for women’s (and men’s) magazines and not being ashamed of it, dammit”.

The moderators start the Discussion with words saying– The major women’s magazines — SELF, Health, More and others — reach audiences of more than 1 million per month in their paper versions and several million more on the web.. They also pay freelancers really well. Yet there’s science-writingcommunity debate over whether we should write for them,

to bring science to the masses (and also because they pay pretty well), or whether they are so compromised by simplification and error that writing for them is a scarlet letter of shame. So it lead a discussion about what to try, what to negotiate for, how to identify a supportive editor and when to walk away.

The reaction on this was not much except a under-toned protest by some women researchers and declared the session as successful in sense that it brought the issue to notice for the publishers and Science writers to address. As a famous researcher Eanne Garbarino says “But, that doesn’t mean that science doesn’t belong there”.

Well the storify of the session suggests that women want science but with much moderation. So the writers have to face the dilemma of presenting the facts accurately or aim for the fat payment, women magazines offer. Even few women editors screams for more science in these types of publications but finally many end up with demanding soothing stuff. Most of the times first draft always includes more science than they will tolerate.

So does it means women in majority, are not much receptive to science.One can possibly argue that if women wanted to read about science, they would just go and pick up a science-themed magazine, or seek science out on the internet. But  statistics reflect an overwhelmingly male readership for most scientific magazines.

For instance, Mariette DiChristina, Editor in Chief of Scientific American, provided some stats for her magazine over Twitter:

For Scientific American Online, the median age is 40, and the male/female ratio is 56.5%/43.5%.  For Scientific American print, the median age is 47, with a male female ratio of 70%/30%.

Well definitely it’s not going to be different in India(i don’t think women are hardly effected by sub. tropical climatic conditions, and in mind they are the same around the world. I wonder that ever any women is racist to other women,if not men). So there are two ways to interpret this issue. The first way, mentioned already, is to just assume that women aren’t generally into science, because if they were, they would go and seek it out. Another is they want it but in more of Applied Science, and they really get bored to ponder about emotionless, insensible and chit-chat deprived witless chemicals and  Scientific Formulas and algorithms.

They are better reading about Fat losing tips and whats healthy for dieting than scrambling their head on the protein structures. May be they never thought about dry tasteless dull science of solvents and Solutions and oxidation effect they finally know very well how to use detergents and what to use to remove which type of strain( i know i sound sexist through the context, but never-mind till it conveys the message).

As one of the Other Article mentions , that its important for Science Writers to Tailor content according to the general Audience who are interested in something which is more relevant to their life. As she states ..”write about which painkillers work best against period pain, and explain why that is. Write about how the contraceptive pill works in a molecular level, and why it causes such an astonishing array of side effects. Write about the science of everyday life. Write about the science of alcohol, food and weight loss” …

Well i find it very relevant,as women find it better in practical scene, but still it just doesn’t justifies their inclination towards Physical Science.What i want to suggest is what women prefer is spice and they are least concerned about the chemical composition of that spice. They are more concerned about the tool than knowing about the mechanism.Science or sociology they perceive things in almost same way.

So does it any scene declares women as unintelligent as its universally believed that scientists have a load of matter in their skull.On the other thought its necessary for women to come in front,and take the responsibly for uplifting them and their community in the fields of maths and science as after all this is what which gives infrastructure to the other fields of development.They need to develop an attitude towards it and will find it really awe-inspiring, amazing, mind-blowing.But they are contempt talking about equality and Remembering few names to mention as idols and to be proud of.

And these even stands the responsibility of those women magazines which mostly tell in crisp crash articles about”how to act” than “how to be”. And then it’s when information could be published freely in women mags with facts and critical scientific explanations to a population that needs it.There should be no need for women scientists to deny an interest in the latter subjects, nor is there a need for lay women to deny an interest in science.


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