Job Interview–Quick Guide


In today’s competitive business world,be thoroughly prepared before facing a job interview. “How would you describe yourself in a job interview?”

Before you exclaim any answer to this question, you should think about it from the recruiter’s perspective. Keep in mind that they have already reviewed your résumé and  are well acquainted with your qualifications. Inquiring this question admits them to acquire an overview on how you illustrate yourself and how it relates you to the job. Remember the way you answer this question will say a lot about you. Suggested below are the best ways to describe you in a job interview.

Be Friendly person with a team spirit:  Saying that you are a person who loves working in a team will surely impress the interviewer. Interact with them and  portray your socializing
and communication skills naturally(yes!socializing is still a skill, even after such over-exploitation of it on the internet). Act as co-operative and  helpful person  to solve work-related problems.

Be Attentive & Show Enthusiasm: . Recruiters prefer candidates who thrive for perfection and are enthusiastic about new things. Therefore say the recruiter that you are a perfectionist and would love to emphasize on every detail of the task.

Positive Attitude:   In today’s needs employees who are quite an optimist are consistent and creative.So brag your positivism to the recruiter, even if it sounds funny. Highlight your good qualities in front of the recruiter by mentioning the things that you can do efficiently and in worst case instead saying “I can’t do”  at least say ” I can Try!”.

Efficient for the position:  Talk about projects that you have handled efficiently in the past to prove how you are efficient and quite successful in meeting deadlines. Say how you can be productive on your job and how you can fit yourself in the coming challenges by your learning skills and hard-work for the Job.

English: A3 Problem Solving Example 6

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Creativity and Intellectual :  Pick a topic/issue of your chaise(which you thing you have enough grip over, remember you are not attending a Current Affairs/GA quiz) and express your views and suggestions and introduce new ideas that can work best in the situation. Demonstrate your problem solving abilities at work and providing best creative alternative solution that will work to the problem.

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