Political Corruption-All for a ‘Cause’


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An article Reminded me of the famous controversy of Soon and Baliunas  Climate Research. The article Talked about how Wikipedia sometimes misinform not only due to simple ignorance and lack of knowledge of the general users who edit pages,but even by political Influence on the Editors and Reviewers of the Pages.

What ever the reason,but what is important here is that are we been misinformed right from the beginning of the Nobel cause of ‘Save the Earth’ movement. Is the concern mainly on the political and Diplomatic Mileage , or we are really concerned about humanity and our planet.

1000 Year Temperature Comparison

Hockey Stick Graph (Image by Wikipedia)

Digging deep ,whatever the scenario was, and how the events took place just after the report got published, and several editors of the popular Climate Change Journal Climate Research resigned,but finally the report was found valid as according to the data and facts presented. So now what is the reality , or are we really heading in the right direction,or just what we can do is just wait and hope favorable judgments from the nature about us.

Or it’s just our ever known ego of the power of humanity , that we think that we can affect nature in any course, when for  nature  we are just another insignificant species and it never gives a thought about our  paleoclimatological observations, and is just following its phenomenal cycles.

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