Last wish–Digitization:Stay connected even after your Death

Recently a new app has been launched for Facebook, which claims to make you immortal, by letting you post messages and post videos to your connections in a bulk(just after your death is declared) or  in a timed manner by using the delivery options. Just you install the app to your Facebook account, create a video or text message, and choose three trustees from your friends to confirm your death.  When the trustees confirm your death the app publishes the posts as per your chosen option of delivery.

Though its sounds freaky at first, yet is quite amusing to get a status update with  location detail showing as ‘utopia’.Making one wonder what wore the things running in the person’s mind in his last moments.

As quoted by Eran Alfonta, app’s co-founder and CEO, Wilook (Israel-based Company behind the app) says “We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us, actually we all want to leave something behind, and we all want to leave a stamp behind us”.  There could be many things which a person will side to address after his death,besides his ‘will’ of-course(and hopefully any statement will be pleasing to hear,when a person is no more in this ‘sinful’ world).

I reminds me of the recent romantic drama movie ” P.S. I Love You ” in which Gerard Butler leaves lots of letters arranged to be periodically delivered  to his wife after his death and she has to take quite a toll to get each of the message. However if this app has been developed before,the actress just needed to checked her wall or inbox.Assuming that the app developers may also have seen the movie  they would definitely had removed option of making  mother-in-law as one of the trustees hopefully.

But question here is that can the hubris claim made by the developers really has some meat in it.Can it be a reliable source of evidence if situation requires.Can that be used as a testimony in legal or commercial matters.Well thankfully i don’t have any but if I had  I will love to disclose the name of my illicit children to my family after my death. Or even i can ask an apology for all my unpaid parking tickets to fiduciary negligence(god forbid).

Whatever it may be, one thing it promises is your choice to have virtual presence in this world at least till the time Facebook exists(wondering if Facebook thinks to shut down some day where will it like to write its “virtual resurrection” message). But it will be interesting to see that who all will be interested in it(demographically, geographically as well as age group) as this data will be of high social and Business importance as death is one among the most powerful words in the dictionary.

Credit :  If I Die: A Facebook App to Convey Your Last Wish.

2 thoughts on “Last wish–Digitization:Stay connected even after your Death

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