Social Networking Websites: Just the Beginning

We feel the need to belong, to form a part of a group who make us feel wanted,and understood. Current trend is of Social Networking through internet for its ease of acquainting ,sustained  privacy at different levels for different connections and wide reach.(Of course it has some other infamous advantages like Trolling and stalking which would otherwise be not so acceptable in real world,but that is not of our much concern over here).

But there is much more to it than plain entertainment or a ‘catharsis board’ to it.That is the vast change in pattern of consumption, somewhat similar to what used to happen in small villages in India or may be in the ancient roman empire. What these Networking sites promised us was to vague the line between the real and virtual world, but instead it resulted in total involvement  in the virtual world. But the future of Social networking lies is diffusing the real and virtual world more appropriately, thus providing a better solution to hold on to its promise.

Assume a situation that the moment we update that we are going for a long-awaited holiday.Lots of  messages from people wishing to visit in your neighborhood,start flooding for renting your house or your car and other assets, till of course you don’t live in some  promised land(you know what i mean).Or you change your status to “married” and lot of holiday planners and Home appliance dealers plunge with their best wishes and discount offers,for the great moment of yours(which they actually don’t give a … about).

As Rachel Botsman, co-author of “What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption”, wrote: “For the first time in history, the age of networks and mobile devices has created the efficiency and social glue to…[enable] the sharing and exchange of assets from cars, to bikes to skills to spare space.”

So as with the immense success of Facebook carrying out activities which are of common interest and high level of involvement, we thought that the social Networking technology is matured now, but actually its just the tip of the iceberg. As mentioned by Ron Conway in his article”from The World In 2012″ emerging trends will be related to the explosive growth of smart-phones one of these will be“context” which will provide real-time and physical content with the help of location-enabled applications.

Context can be anything related to the reality,with your situation(or even mental state) at that moment. Those who are fond of having parties and Drinking or Gambling in any form,know the flip side of their temptations.And other morning you wonder why the hell someone did not stopped you at that moment(of-course I am not talking about those impulsive trouble mongers,who prefer it that way). well your real well wisher is right there with you all the time– your partially intelligent  smart phone can be that help.

It could be a possibility that the moment you update your status update boasting about your number of drinks you had or the moolah made in poker or even in share trading, someone there pops you a message suggesting your next move which could be “Have it more!! Its your day today” or “Go back home,its enough”(i would not talk about the basis of the suggestions, and leave it totally on the experts, what they rely on.May be simple social rules from the “old Chinese” proverbs and phrases, or some sophisticated analytic programs).

Another interesting scenario has already evolved from an idea to execution names”If i Die” addressing one of the inevitable final state of human-kind called “Death”. A Facebook app which publishes a persons pre-created messages as updates after his death.Could be called Last wish Digitization.

Imagine your phone popping a message telling that one of person in your friend list is in the next shopping Mall, or the restaurant next Lane. and you can gracefully check out your schedule  before pitching them. In this scenario, Of-course we will run the risk of tracked by some unexpected person leading to some awkward situations, and women Of-course will be deprived of demonstrating their impromptu social skills, but still it will fetch some great moments.Your smart-phone will not be just a connecting device but can even advice on your best Dinner in the near by area according to your already listed liking.

Imagine if you visit someone, and your status got updated on that(it’s ought to be op-ed), by just the calculation of the close proximity of  the devices(of course your ex is not always be too happy to get this information but after-all he has always got the option to un-friend you), and both the devices under ‘mutual consent’ will update that information.

Or imagine in a boring afternoon you are having lunch in some place near by workplace and suddenly a message pops up from a dating website saying that a great match(according to your preferences listed with them), is eating in the same dining place, and finally you decide to spare few minutes and try your luck(though i have no idea what effect you will create by giving  the reference of  that message to the person).

So in the future as on one side we have to learn to convert the arising opportunities from it, as well as on the other hand we may be willing be more transparent to the world with almost no private life(well!, this doesn’t  guarantee some celebrity status even).

Again it will be difficult for some to exhibit welcome gestures to the strangers , to whom till now they have been exploiting at times  in our virtual world for self gratification demonstrating their grandeur and self-loving attitude, which may not always necessarily true.

It will be very much possible when our connections will be very well aware of our state at the moment, and will result in many economic enchants,though at the cost of our privacy. But the question is are we really prepared for this.

Credit:  Business: Where angels will tread | The Economist.

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