Cold war of Internet Age

Since Google announced its aspiring Social Network Project “Google +” i have wondered about the data available with the Google of other SNW’s and would they use it to climb the podium for No. one position, or they will prefer to grow in the old fashioned way relying on the user pool by pool to connect to users and bring enough information to boost its Cash Cow’s Ad-sense and Adverts.

After quite a research I was convinced that  Google will be restrained by the agreement with the FTC

Seal of the United States Federal Trade Commis...Official seal of FTC

to make blogging easier and faster by letting you quickly add recommended links, photos, tags, and use that data, but news(though unconfirmed) surfaced that Google is using Facebook user data which lets people with Gmail accounts see information not only about their friends but also about the friends of their friends in the same Social Circle, which Google calls “secondary connections”.Though it turned out that it was unofficial  clandestine attempt by Facebook to smear Google with the help of a top PR company,and hardly any one(including me) gave much fuel to the news, as we are much convinced about the ethical and bold practices of Google since years.

With this many billions user base of these companies who are constantly competing for the bigger chunk, these brawls will not make much of a difference. But the baseline is what are we in that environment, when data is becoming more important that a persons existence. When Government of some countries, are even planning to conduct Census through these famous(rather inflamamous) SNW’s of the WWW 2.0 scenariao.

How venerable we are ,in this competitive word of marketing where companies can manipulate our choices to any extent and when our dossier are managed by those few hands who are Competing in their own defined Oligopoly.

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